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Diet plays a huge role in the inflammation process. Certain foods

aggravates inflammation because they are irritants themselves. There are many studies that show some foods, such as vegetable oil, processed

foods, food additives, refined sugar, trans fats, processed meats and dairy products all cause an inflammatory response in the body.


If you’re always stressed, you may suffer from low-grade inflammation.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, actually regulates inflammation levels in the body. When stress becomes chronic, our immune cell system becomes desensitized to the regulatory effects of cortisol, allowing inflammation to grow.

Chemical exposure

Chemical irritants, such as those found in household cleaners, laundry detergents, air fresheners, personal care products, and more, do a lot of damage to your body’s cells. Studies have shown that exposure to chemicals found in these products is directly related to increase in inflammation.

Leaky gut syndrome

If your gut isn’t healthy, neither are you! Leaky gut occurs when there are cracks or holes in the lining of the intestinal tract through which undigested food particles, bacterial toxins, and other pathogens can leak into the bloodstream, causing an immune response and persistent inflammation throughout the body.

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