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Dry skin is characterized by the fact that it is thin, smooth and matte, but the pores are mostly invisible. In addition, dry skin does not like water and soap, which can cause discomfort and often become inflamed and may peel. After the age of 30, a network of capillaries can begin to be seen and fine lines can form. In addition, dry skin is more sensitive to exogenous factors, such as the sun, wind and polluted air. Stress can also affect the condition of dry skin. Couperosis or telangitosis may develop due to the slowing down of blood circulation, and dryness caused by a lack of fat mostly appears from the age of 45.

To keep dry skin healthy and beautiful, it is important to follow a proper skin care regimen and diet. It is recommended to choose a cream detergent rather than a gel one such as pH EXFO. In addition, it is important to provide your body with a sufficient dose of omega-3/6/9 fatty acids, vitamin E, Q 10 antioxidant and quality collagen. It is important to learn how to properly plan your diet, avoiding strict diets, uniform nutrition, lack of vitamins, minerals and water, which can worsen the condition of dry skin.

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