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If you feel hungry even after you seem to have eaten, it may be due to a lack of minerals and vitamins in your body, not a lack of calories.

For example, you can eat a chocolate straw and drink a latte, which will be similar in calories to a good meal, but still not feel full. It’s a trick to yourself that it’s nothing, that it’s small, but the feeling of being full doesn’t last long.

First, think about why you are choosing this type of meal.

To feed the emotions? To save time?

Often these very reasons lead to unhealthy “eating habits”. I would recommend thinking about a sufficient amount of protein in the body, which will create a feeling of completeness on a physical level.

The second reason why you don’t feel full after a meal (even if it was nutritionally complete) is that the body is unable to absorb the nutrients from food that are needed to reduce stress.

Why? Because food cannot give a person what he needs from food, if a person does not know how to accept what life gives. What we need from food, it also gives. But often we eat to relieve stress, calm down, because we are bored, etc. In this case, the diet will not provide fulfillment and you can settle into compulsive eating, when you eat even when you are physically sick, there is no more room, but there is still no satisfaction in the mental plane!

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