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Not just physically, I mean much more emotionally.

How many times have I not wanted to go somewhere because there is one pump (or many) and, of course, it seems that everyone will only look at it. And even if you leave, you can’t just give in to the magic of the moment – it hurts!

Pain from bumps on the face does not refer only to physical discomfort, but also to an emotional state. Often this problem affects people’s lives because they do not want to go to social events and experience depression. This can cause stress and negative effects on the psyche. However, there are ways to reduce these problems.

First, you have to accept yourself and your situation.

Secondly, you need to change your lifestyle, follow a special facial care procedure and use the right cosmetic products.

The main thing to understand is that bumps on the face are only a concern of the person themselves, and others care more about how they feel than how they look

MOST IMPORTANTLY UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR PUMP CONCERNS ONLY YOU!!!Because others are interested in how they feel when they are next to you, not a pimple on your forehead.

And yet, I know how it hurts – even now my heart hurts when I remember my wedding. I had deep, hormonal acne! Painful as hell, horrible looking! And the make-up didn’t really save either (but of course it improved the overall look), but in the evening, when everything was already “absorbed” and I had to cry when I saw those pictures…the most beautiful day in my life, but I had to destroy those pictures!

Although this problem can cause pain, it can be reversed with discipline and self-work. After all, it’s worth it to feel good and overcome this problem.

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