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The fact that nutrition is a prerequisite for a beautiful body and skin is no longer a question – almost everyone already knows it! But what then to do for those who have a good height and no visible manifestations, such as bumps or flatulence? Do these health postulates not apply to them?

No! Be happy if you realize that you are eating a lot of “junk” food and you see the manifestations on the outside, because the body is warning you, and it is possible that you will hear it sooner. If you don’t have such symptoms, you may continue to eat what you want, not even realizing how your body is suffering.

But this is not the right approach, because maybe you have a hidden inflammation that the body is trying to extinguish and that can develop into more serious autoimmune diseases. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to nutrition and choose healthy products to provide the body with the necessary sources of nutrients and antioxidants, which will help maintain youthful and healthy skin and prevent health problems.

From the age of 25-30, the skin no longer produces as much collagen, and we do not regenerate as quickly. It can also manifest itself as a consequence of sleepless nights, which is easier to read on the face.

This time, I will not talk about skin care, but I will name the products that you should LIMIT or EXCLUDE in your diet to keep your skin fresh and firm longer!

  • sugar (there is no positive thing that sugar gives our body, apart from 5 minutes of pleasure for our taste buds)
  • foods that have been fried in oil (foods with a crispy crust can damage the appearance and health of our skin)
  • too much red meat and meat products (e.g. sausages, sausages, nuggets, etc.) produced industrially
  • ‍limit and temporarily exclude gluten and dairy products from the menu to check for intolerance to them. If after 3 weeks without these products you feel better, with clear skin and a settled stomach, this may indicate an intolerance to these products
  • ‍trans fats (almost everywhere cooking adds partially hydrogenated vegetable fats that contain trans fats, which pose risks to our health, not only in terms of appearance).

Take care of your health!

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