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All hormones work together as a team where you can’t single out one or worry about just a specific hormone. A good way to control and reach your ideal weight is to control your insulin. But you also have to take into account other hormones that affect insulin⚠ If you don’t follow it, the level of sexual hormones will also suffer.

When estrogen levels are low and insulin levels are high, weight stagnates and weight loss fails.

Good effects have been observed with fasting (especially after menopause), but I do not recommend doing it without a proper understanding of when, how long and how to follow it! Every thoughtless action can lead to an unpredictable outcome.

Insulin, of course, is not only responsible for body weight… With insulin resistance, you can see bumps, inflammation, liver, dark spots on the skin (looks like dirt, but isn’t), energy fluctuations, difficulty controlling appetite, anemia, rosacea, psoriasis , GERS, PCOS, etc.”

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